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Carports Shelburn IN | Indiana Metal Carports
  Shelburn IN Carports are a great investment to protect your cars, trucks, vans and rv's! We provide free installation and delivery on your level lot in Shelburn IN. We offer all of our carports, metal garages, steel buildings and metal barns in both non certified and certified 150 MPH winds or 180 MPH, depending on your local codes. All of our Shelburn Indiana steel carports and metal garages come standard with 29 gauge paneling for the exterior sheeting of the unit. For the areas requiring building permits we provide engineered drawings for our certified units(originals are an additional cost).
  In Indiana, we provide clear-span carports and ​​garages up to 60 ft wide and as long as you have a level spot. You are always welcome to call our friendly staff at 1-877-662-9060 or email them: with years of building knowledge to help you throughout the pricing, permitting and delivery process.

Boat Cover Georgia GA
48x40x12&9 All Vertical Barn
with: (2) Ends Closed
(2) Extra 41' Panels
​​(4) Ends Closed
Both Sides Closed
(1) 10'x10' Garage Door
(2) 9'x7' Garage Doors​​​
(2) 36"x80" Walk in Doors​
24x50x10 Boxed Eave Style Carport
(2) Gable Ends(horizontal)
(4) Extra 26' Panels(horizontal)​​
24x30x8 Boxed Eave Carport
(2) Gable Ends & Both Sides
22x25x9 Vertical Roof Carport
with: (2) Gable Ends
​(2) Extra 26' Panels
RV Carports Georgia GA
12x35x12 Regular Style Carport
(horizontal panels)
(2) Extra 36' Panels(horizontal)
Boat Carports Georgia GA
20x20x8 Boxed Eave Style Carport
(horizontal panels)
Both Sides Closed(horizontal)
(1) End Closed(horizontal)
(1) Gable End Closed(horizontal)
44x25x11&8 Vertical Roof Style Barn
with: (2) Gable Ends
(4) Ends Closed
Both Sides Closed
(2) 9'x7' Garage Doors
(2) 36"x80" Walk in Doors​​
24x50x12 Vertical Roof Garage
with: (3) 10'x10' Garage Doors​
(1) 36" Walk in Door​
Metal Carports for Sale Georgia GA
12x20x7 Boxed Eave Style Carport
(horizontal panels)
(2) Gable Ends(horizontal)
(2) Extra 21' Panels(horizontal)
24x40x10 All Vertical Garage
with: (3) 9'x8' Garage Doors
(1) 36" Walk in Door​
(3) Windows​
Residential Carports Georgia GA
22x30x8 Vertical Roof Style Carport
(vertical panels)
(2) Gable Ends(horizontal)
(2) Extra 31' Panels(horizontal)​​
Steel Carports for Sale Georgia GA
20x30x9 Vertical Roof Style Carport
(vertical panels)
(2) Extra 31' Panels(horizontal)
Double Carports Georgia GA
20x20x7 Regular Style Carport
(horizontal panels)
(2) Gable Ends
2 Car Carports Georgia GA
20x25x7 Regular Style Carport
(horizontal panels)
(2) Gable Ends(horizontal)​
Portable RV Covers Georgia GA
12x30x10 Vertical Roof Style Carport
(vertical panels)
(4) Extra 31' Panels(horizontal)​
12x30x11 Boxed Eave RV Cover
with: (2) Extra Panels​
42x20x9&6 Regular Style Barn
with: (2) Gable Ends
(4) Ends Closed
Both Sides Closed
22x25x9 Boxed Eave Style Garage
with: (2) 9'x7' Garage Doors
(1) 36"x80" Walk in Door​
40 Wide Carports Georgia GA
40x32x10 All Vertical 40 Wide Carport
(2) Gable Ends​
(2) Extra 31' Panels(vertical)
40 Wide Carports Georgia GA Triple Wide Carports Georgia GA
38x28x12 All Vertical 40 Wide Carport
(1) Gable End(vertical)
(1) End Closed(vertical)
Both Sides Closed(vertical)​​
30x36x11 All Vertical
​Triple Wide Carport
(2) Gable Ends(vertical)
Both Sides Closed(vertical)​
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Metal Garage
24x30x9 Regular Style Garage
with: (2) 10'x8' Garage Doors
(1) 36" Walk in Door​
​​(1) Window
Metal Garages
24x30x12 Vertical Roof Garage
with: (2) 10'x10' Garage Doors
(1) 36" Walk in Door​​
Steel Garage
20x25x8 Boxed Eave Style Garage
​with: (1) 9'x7' Garage Door
(1) 36" ​​Walk in Door
(2) Windows​
Steel Garages Metal Barn Metal Garage Metal Barns Metal RV Cover Steel Garage
Customization Options for Shelburn Metal Garages
One of the biggest advantages of Shelburn metal garages is the ability to customize them to fit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a simple storage space or a fully equipped workshop, metal garages can be tailored to your requirements.

​When it comes to customization, you have the option to choose the size and shape of your garage. Whether you need a small storage unit or a large structure to accommodate multiple vehicles, metal garages can be designed to fit any space.

​In addition to size, you can also customize the layout of your
Shelburn metal garage. You can choose the number and placement of doors and windows to optimize natural light and ventilation. This is particularly important if you plan to use your metal garage as a workshop, where proper lighting and airflow are essential.

​Furthermore, you can add insulation to your
Shelburn metal garage to regulate temperature. This is especially beneficial in Indiana, where the summers can be scorching hot. Insulation helps to keep the interior of your garage cool and comfortable, protecting your belongings from heat damage.

​Lastly, you can customize the interior of your metal garage with shelving, workbenches, and other storage solutions. This allows you to create an organized and efficient space where you can easily access and store your belongings.

​  Our side heights are available up to 20' tall. Our metal carports are offered in 3 different roof styles: regular, A-frame and A-frame with vertical roof! Our knowledgeable staff with over 40 years of experience can help you with choosing the proper width, length and height of your metal carport or garage! We provide all of our carports, metal garages, steel buildings, rv carports, utility carports and metal barns with your choice of 13 colors for roof, sides and trim. So we should have a color to meet your needs. We also offer carport kits, metal buildings, sheds, storage buildings, portable buildings, storage sheds, pole barns, quonset huts, arch buildings, commercial buildings, red iron buildings and steel buildings!

Advantages of using Shelburn Indiana metal carports
Metal carports from Shelburn IN offer numerous advantages over other types of vehicle shelters. Firstly, their durability and strength make them a reliable choice for protecting your vehicles. Made from high-quality metal, these structures can withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, snowstorms, and strong winds. This means that your vehicles will be safe and secure, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

​Secondly, metal carports of Shelburn Indiana require minimal maintenance. Unlike wooden carports that can rot or fabric carports that can tear, metal carports are built to last. They are resistant to rust, corrosion, and pests, ensuring that your investment remains in good condition for years to come. This not only saves you time and effort but also avoids costly repairs or replacements in the future.

​Lastly, metal carports are cost-effective. When compared to traditional garages, metal carports are a more affordable option. They require less construction time and materials, resulting in a lower overall cost. Additionally, their modular design allows for easy expansion or relocation, making them a flexible and cost-efficient solution for vehicle protection.

​Why invest in an Shelburn IN RV carport
When it comes to protecting your RV investment, an Shelburn Indiana RV carport is an essential addition to your outdoor space. Whether you own a motorhome, a travel trailer, or a fifth wheel, an RV carport offers numerous benefits that go beyond mere protection from the elements. Let's explore the top reasons why investing in an RV carport is a smart decision.​​

​Why Choose a Carport?

  ​If you don’t have a garage, then there are many benefits of buying a carport. Not only can a carport protect your vehicle from wind, rain, snow, and UV rays, but it can also increase the value of your home and provide a versatile space for storage or other purposes. The biggest benefit of having a carport is that it provides a good amount of protection against the elements so that your vehicle is much less likely to be damaged by the forces of nature. Of course, extreme weather events can still damage your vehicle, but that’s true of vehicles in garages also. That said, for the most part, carports do protect your vehicle from rain, ​snow, hail, and the u-v rays from the sun.
   ​Although weather protection is certainly a major benefit of having a carport, it is not the only reason to consider investing in one. A carport can significantly increase the resale value of your home because interested buyers will see the value in being able to protect their vehicles or even turning the carport into another type of space, such as a storage space or outdoor room.
​ We offer a vast range of metal structures. We work with high quality manufacturers to provide you with the best product available! We have a dedicated team of metal structure specialist waiting to assist you. We can design buildings of to 60 ft wide open span and as long as you need. Metal structures are more cost efficient than similar wood products! Our metal carports are generally installed in a matter of hours once our crews arrive!​

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